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AI and publishing: a practical training course 

A series of six live interactive workshops

Arguably, the publishing industry is on the cusp of huge change driven by the rapidly evolving capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. These burgeoning technologies raise ethical concerns and practical issues, but they also herald a period of thrilling opportunities. Many organisations are poised with bated breath, waiting for copyright laws to stabilise and confirm how AI can be effectively embedded into our workflows and production processes. In readiness for that time, it is essential for freelancers in the industry to master the skills and tools needed to harness AI's power and potential, enabling you to work collaboratively and flexibly with publishing organisations.

What key elements will the course deliver?

  • Analysis of what AI is currently capable of, what it cannot yet do, and how it is evolving.

  • Information and discussion around the ethical, legal and practical issues involved.

  • Live demonstrations of key AI tools, including their strengths and weaknesses, differences between free and paid versions and best practice approaches to using them.

  • Concrete examples of how organisations and individuals are already using AI in publishing contexts with significant impact.

  • Focused sessions on practical applications of AI that relate directly to freelance publishing professionals' key roles and aim to futureproof skills.

  • Detailed prompt-writing training across a range of contexts and tools, with opportunities for hands-on practice and constructive feedback.

  • Post-workshop quizzes that cement learning in an engaging way. 

  • A bonus recording of a recent introductory webinar entitled What developments can we expect from generative AI and how might they impact the ELT and Educational publishing industry?

  • Access to a course Whatsapp group where registrants can share ideas and experiences with like-minded course participants and ask the trainer questions.


What is the course format?
The course comprises six online workshop sessions that cover a thematically designed progressive syllabus, but which can also be attended as standalone sessions. This modular program will run over a period of three weeks. Each 1.5-hour workshop will be limited to a maximum of 20 participants in order to facilitate efficient input, practical tasks, breakout room discussions and meaningful feedback and Q&A opportunities. Pricing is £00 per module and subscribed ELT Publishing Professionals members receive a discounted rate of £00. To access your personalised discount coupon code, log into your ELTpp account and navigate to the Member Discounts area. Input your coupon code at checkout.

Not yet an ELT Publishing Professionals member?
Find out more and join for the annual fee of £00 to take advantage of the discount and other benefits, effectively reducing the membership fee to £00.

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Who is your trainer?
Paulo Dantas is a founding partner of Troika and is a specialist in digital education and project management who has a keen interest in the impact of technology on the learning and teaching process. He has developed a range of apps, learning platforms, games and other digital products, edited and written learning materials, designed language-learning syllabi, trained teachers and publishing professionals. In recent years, he has participated in several white paper editorial boards in the digital education industry, such as the Horizon Higher Education Report (2016, 2017 and 2019). He has also served as a lecture curator for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). He studied social sciences at the Federal University of Pernambuco and is certified by the University of Cambridge (DELTA). He is currently pursuing a Masters at the University of Chichester in Professional Development for Education.

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